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The #1 Most Effective Puppy Training System
can literally be done in your own home, by you!

“A Few Lessons We’ll Help You Learn”






Puppies learn the most in their lives between 0-16 weeks! 


Highest fear time in puppies life is 8-11 weeks old


Puppies learn 24/7 whether it be good or bad!

The number one reason people fail at training their dog is they are reactive and not proactive.  You must be instructional for your dog to learn.  We teach you how!

Sadie is such a LOVE and so good thanks to the Empowered Puppy Program! ~Gale L.

Early socialization has helped Jenny love the boat!  ~Sharon Z.

Lucy was a breeze to potty train!  Thank you!!!  ~Phyllis S.

Working on temperament first was the key to Wilbur adjusting with our family. ~Nichole B.

The Empowered Puppy System has made our first experience of owning a puppy the best ever! ~Lane B.

With this Course

  • Gain the confidence in your relationship that can only be developed between you and your puppy individually.

  • Discover how to be a proactive puppy owner, as you won’t need to worry about your puppies reaction.

  • Learn insight to how your puppy’s mind works and will develop, so you don’t sabotage your own efforts.

  • Get your time, money, and life back even more-because you have learned how to “LifeStyle Train” your puppy.

  • People who want an exciting, more fun and effective way to train their dog.

  • You will be able to exuberate confidence as you take your puppy out and encounter various distractions of our world.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Those who want to develop a special relationship with their dog.

  • Those who understand how important it is to spend time early in a dogs life to teach them about our world.

  • Anyone who wants to learn the most productive way to train a puppy.

  • Anyone against using shock collars, shaker cans, and aversive methods.

  • Those who don’t have the “timing” or don’t want to deal with clickers or food lures.

  • People who just want to talk to, love on, and enjoy their dog!

Kim Paciotti is a professional dog trainer, certified through the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).  She is often referred to as a Canine Scientist, as her company, Training Canines, LLC. specializes in early puppy development. Through her research the Empowered Puppy Program was formed. Kim is committed to “Changing The World One Puppy At A Time”. Through research and education she is sharing with owners, trainers, and breeders alike, just how much positive impact can be made with puppies at an early age. Teaching people to be proactive instead of reactive is the solution to preventing and stopping unwanted behaviors. She is passionate about helping people build strong relationships and solid foundations with their puppies. By pioneering the concept of ‘lifestyle training’, Kim proves training doesn’t have to be boring, frustrating, or inconvenient. Kim is also a professional member of the APDT. Certified in Shelter and Rescue Training through Animal Behavior College. Completed Dog Emotion and Cognition Course through Duke University, along with being a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

We are offering this course with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you’ll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will support the research of the Empowered Puppy Program with whatever they can afford.

Pick Your Price and Get It Today!


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For Those Who Can Support Our Research.  Thank You!  Much Appreciated.

Ask Us A Question?

Why is this program so effective?2018-02-16T21:07:05-05:00

Four the past four and a half years our team has specialized in Early Puppy Development.  We have studied litter after litter, and puppy after puppy, to determine the best possible way to teach them.  Rushing into group classes where the puppy may be intimidated, afraid, or even to rambunctious just doesn’t accomplish anything.  Remember dogs learn by association, so what they may be learning in a class is actually all the wrong things!  Their is clicker training which is great for teaching certain behaviors, but the truth of the matter is people don’t want to do it.  They don’t want to carry a clicker around, but most importantly they really are not trained to “click” at the right time!  Often new owners mark a behavior that they don’t want to enforce.

Think of how easy it is to simply “talk to the dog”!  That is why our system works.  We talk to the puppies as if they are a young child.  We are instructional, and we give them feedback so they know if they are doing it correctly, or just need some more work.  Humans are inconsistent, yet all other training forms only work if you are “consistent!”  Isn’t that setting us as dog owners up for failure?  We think so.

Our system teaches you how your dog learns, what they think, what you should do, and how by simple temperament activities you can actually prevent bad behaviors from ever even starting!  Now aren’t you ready to get started??

How many lessons are in the class?2018-02-16T20:59:10-05:00

There are fourteen lessons.  Each lesson is broken down into “Let’s Get Ready” an little explanation about the upcoming lesson and some tips for the best accomplishments.  A brief explanation of what the lesson is about, and the video to see it in action.  We do a Sound of the Day which will help desensitize your puppy to many of the sounds in our world.  Finally LifeStyle practice that you can work on before moving on to the next lesson.

What is LifeStyle Training?2018-02-16T20:55:49-05:00

LifeStyle training is simply that, you train in your daily life and routine.  Puppies get bored very easy, and face it so do people.  Training for an hour or even a 30 minute session, simply doesn’t work for puppies.  With this program you will be training the puppy just as you are doing your daily activities.  Blow drying your hair, you ask the puppy to sit and wait.  Maybe loading the dishwasher, they can lay and wait.  Sitting on the couch with the family, take turns calling the puppy back and forth with the “here” command.  You did your daily chores, and even relaxing while the puppy is trained!

Will I have support while taking this course?2018-02-16T20:52:26-05:00

Absolutely!  We encourage you to be a part of our Facebook Discussion Group.  You may post pictures, ask questions, share videos, and we will monitor and respond.

When should I start training my puppy?2018-02-16T21:25:59-05:00

The second you get them!  Your puppy is learning 24/7 whether it be good or bad.  You must offer proper instruction from their perspective immediately.  For example puppies love to jump up on us, and our first reaction is to direct them down.  By touching them is actually rewarding the behavior.  They think you are simply petting them!  So be careful or you can actually reward these behaviors and teach your puppy undesirable behaviors.

How long should I train my puppy for?2018-02-16T21:23:26-05:00

You will actually be training your puppy every single time you interact with them!  Your dog watches everything you do all they time.  They actually learn to predict you actions before you even do them.  It is really kind of scary that they are that observant.  When you are working with them on a specific item, all lessons should be on 1-3 minutes long.  Retention is much better if you even play prior and after working on a behavior.  This sets your puppy up for success each and every time.

What should I teach my puppy first?2018-02-16T21:16:59-05:00

When puppies leave their mom and littermate, it is extremely stressful.  We want them to learn to trust you right from the start.  So loving on them and shaping their temperament must come first.  Often people jump right into trying to train obedience.  The puppy can quickly get the impression of “frustration” from you if you first try to teach them new commands such as sit, or lay down, that they might not understand.   So no matter what the relationship is always first!!

Should I use treats or praise for training?2018-02-16T21:09:07-05:00

Both!  We start out using mostly praise, and will use treats as we capture behaviors.  If we are teaching something that requires more concentration on the puppies part, we will offer more of the food reward.  The key is letting the puppy know they did what you asked.  Dogs LOVE to please, and if they know they are doing that, they thrive to do it more!  Especially if you are teaching this from the beginning.

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