Sometimes in life we find that less is more.  That holds true with training your puppy.  As we have said the key to a well behaved puppy is trust.  Put yourself in your puppies shoes just for just a second.  What they had known to be their routine, their daily life has just been turned upside down by you!  You are now telling them to do things they have no idea what you want.  They may randomly get it right, and they see it makes you happy, but they are seeing you not so happy too, they are confused.  While puppies have individual personalities they only have two main traits when they are small.  They are either confident or calm.  Let me explain the difference.  A confident pup will run to the edge of a pool and jump right in, a calm pup will run to the edge of the pool stop and sit and think about jumping in.  Both traits have additional tendencies.

Confident Puppies

Distracted Easily 

Love People

Love Going Places

Whine or bark for attention

Learn Quickly

Problem Solver

Tendency to Pull on Walks

Less likely to have Separation Anxiety

More Energetic

Calm Puppies


Sometimes Timid

Has Good Focus

Walks Well on Leash

Easy to Crate Train

Easier to Potty Train

Warms up to New People Slowly

Learns by Watching

Jumpy when Nervous

Everyone is always looking for a “combination” puppy.  One who will be confident going places, yet lay down and relax when they want to.  Puppies just are not built that way, they have to be taught.  When we work with the litters of puppies we determine these traits at 3-4 weeks old.  We then begin working to make confident puppies calmer, and calm puppies more confident.  It takes weeks, or months and sometimes longer!  The key is working slowly, baby steps and one day at a time.

Are You Now Understanding Why You Are A Critical Factor in Your Puppies Behavior?

When you are able to step back and adjust your expectations of your puppy, you then, and only then can help them learn everything they need.  The best part of it, is that they are so smart, it usually only takes a few tries for them to know what you want.  That is what we are here to teach you.  How to talk to your dog!  We will tell you how to get through to them so they want to be with you, and want to do the things you ask.

The Number One Reason People FAIL in Potty Training is They Give To Much Freedom To Fast!

Potty training is the most frustrating part for many new puppy owners.  Has this happened to you?  You take your puppy out, wait forever and he doesn’t go.  You come back in the house and the puppy goes to the bathroom right there on the floor.   It is so frustrating for you and the puppy.   Or maybe you just took your puppy out, and then 20 minutes later they had an accident in the house.  What you need to know is all this is normal.  Puppies do not have full control of their bladder until they are 5-6 months old.  There is no one that can tell you an 8 week old puppy is potty trained.  When we here people say that, we know that it is the OWNER who is paying closer attention to the puppy to not have accidents.

When You Understand How the Puppy Learns, It Is Easy to Train

We could tell you so much more and we will in our online puppy classes!  You can begin training your puppy the day you bring them home.  If you already have your puppy, we are going to tell you to clear you mind of what you are doing and lets start from scratch!  You can easily change those unwanted behaviors that are starting to surface. Remember it is all about baby steps, and changing your expectations!