Kim Paciotti CPDT-KA, CPT, APDT
Canine Scientist, Puppy Specialist

As our economy was failing in 2008, Kim faced as many, a new career change. Dog training was always something she was interested in, but never pursued.  Kim purchased Sabre, an English Mastiff puppy. However, at 10 months of age Sabre developed a split personality. One minute you could pet her, the next she would be growling at you.  Kim and her husband hired a professional trainer, who said Sabre could not be rehabilitated.  Knowing that wasn’t an option, Kim made the jump to learn all she could about dog training.

Training school, online classes, books, lectures, and working at rescues, all led to the certifications she holds today. She learned instead of trying to “fix” the behavior, it was key to teach Sabre how to understand our world, and let her know we understood hers.

When working at the rescue, Kim saw many puppies and dogs being surrendered. These were good dogs, and many times the owners just did not know how to communicate with the dogs. Knowing something had to change, she started from the beginning, focusing on early puppy development.   Litter after litter,  it became clearer that early development of a puppy’s mind during the first 16 weeks of their life is crucial to develop a happy and healthy dog for life.

Kim lives with her husband and her two mastiffs Sammy and Bernard. Sabre her inspiration for becoming a trainer, crossed the rainbow bridge in July of 2017. Kim made a promise to Sabre in those last few days, that she would make a difference in the dog training world. She would share what she learned through the research of Sabre and other puppies.  She would teach others how to understand their dog and how every dog has an individual personality.  She is so greatly missed, but will never ever be forgotten, as this series is dedicated to Sabre, and every dogs life it will change.

Tonight, Luke jumped up, and hears me calmly say leave it, then amazingly puts his happy head down at my side, falling into a blissful sleep as though he were happy just to be close to my dinner.    Thanks to your program!  John F. Pittsburgh, PA

Laney is doing great with the crate and no longer cries. She will go straight into it! Diane S. Charleston, SC

I’ve attached a quick video of her walking today – all loose leash! Yes!!!!!! Hope you are well. She continues to charm everyone here. I have had two grown older men kiss her face this week. I didn’t know either one of them it was so funny! Sharon Z.  Bonita Springs, Florida

Thank you for teaching us about socialization!  We have been doing as well as taking him out to my office, Lowes, pet Smart, etc. ~Sharon B. Arlington, VA