The Research Behind the Program

3.3 million dogs enter shelters and rescues yearly and of those dogs 20% are returned within seven months to a year.  One of the main reasons is lack of obedience.  Owners are frustrated because they do not know how to communicate on a level their dog will understand.  We as a society must stop this vicious cycle, and the only way we can is through research and education.  Research must start with the puppy and early puppy development.  We must become proactive instead of reactive. Education of new owners, breeders, and anyone that will listen is the only way we can make a difference in these statistics.

For the past four and half years our company, Training Canines, LLC, has worked with over 25 plus litters of Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, researching how they learn. We study everything puppy.  We watch, we learn, we try new things, we do great, we make mistakes, but all we do is all based on praise, love, and relationship. We work with local breeders, bringing mom and her puppies to our facility when they are ten days old.   Training begins the day they arrive!   We keep mom with us until the puppies are 8 weeks old then she is returned to the breeder.   We are not a grant funded research company therefore we sell the puppies we work with in order to continue learning and growing our research.  We work with the puppies until they are between 11 and 15 weeks before they leave for their forever homes.

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Lucy is doing great!  Potty training has been a breeze.  Thank you!~ Phyllis S.

Scout continues to do very well with his behaviors sit, wait, come, shake, and walks very well on a leash. Your program is amazing! ~ Bonnie S. Atlanta, GA

Here are our pictures from today after I watched your video, we practiced focusing and commands, short walks with leash attached.  He did amazing!  Thank you so much. ~ Karen F.  Ocala, Florida

Kim I wanted to pass along the comments from the trainer who has worked with many dogs over the years. She is constantly amazed at Stella and the Empowered Puppy Program. She said she is a very rare dog with exceptional focus and intelligence. Basically the early efforts from  have made a significant difference in her ability to be a service dog.  The trainer has also asked for your information for future reference as she is so impressed with you. ~ Danny Daniels, Dallas Texas

This program is amazing!  It has been so easy to work with Sydney, she understands what I say! We love the Empowered Puppy Program!  Judy P.  Avon, Ohio