Empowered Puppy Program- Breeder & Trainer Edition


Empowered Puppy Program 4 DVD Set for Breeders and Trainers



This Four DVD Program is for breeders and trainers who want to implement our program with their puppies.  The program has been based upon years of research how puppies learn.  This DVD was filmed in 2018 and gives the core of how our program works.  So if you are looking to take your breeding program or if you are looking to work with a breeder and help train their puppies this set is for you.

Join us on a 12 week journey as we teach you a one of a kind training system to raising happy and healthy puppies’ inside and out. You’ll learn how to assess and shape puppy temperament from as early as 7 days of age. Build your puppies’ body strength and awareness with our fitness tools. Teach your puppies’ to be thinkers who make good choices by engaging their natural cognitive abilities. Learn about our ‘secret sauce’ to teaching obedience skills. The Empowered Puppy Program will empower you and your puppies to excel in life from birth and beyond!

Our puppy support manual is a follow along guide to the video. It will provide you with additional information, and tips that will help you step through every phase of the training. We also include information where to purchase items that we use with our trainings.

Part of the Empowered Puppy Program is teaching your puppies by watching
television. You can create your own video to do this, (which we tell you how to do in our main video), or you can use ours. The imitation video includes all commands we teach by television, so you would simply place in your DVD player, and you are ready to go.

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Imitation Training Video

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