A Puppy’s Perspective – Softcover


After 5 years of living and working with over 250 puppies, canine scientist and puppy expert Kim Paciotti knows what works when it comes to puppy training! Her unique insight of how puppy’s learn and develop will help you understand the concepts of communicating with your puppy to build a life long relationship based on love and trust.



You will learn never released proven training tips, that are used daily in the Empowered Puppy Program.  A Puppy’s Perspective addresses, temperament, behaviors, obedience, crate and potty training, socialization, feeding and general care.

Just a few of the 101 Puppy Training Tips You Need to Know:

Why you should never tell your puppy “its okay”.

Learn the easiest way to prevent separation anxiety.

Is using a clicker the best for new puppy owners?

The easiest way to stop puppies from jumping.

How to make sure your puppy comes when called.

How to capture and promote good behavior.

3 ways to help your puppy learn faster!

The #1 reason people fail at potty training!

Don’t rush the walk…or you will teach your puppy to pull on the leash.

Should you use the word “no”?

Should you teach your puppy hand signals

How to teach calmness and confidence

An easy way to stop anxious barking

Potty time or play time?  Does your puppy get confused?

Retractable or flat leash…that is the question

Should my puppy go to obedience classes?

Does your dog know guilt?

The game of sit.

Use plural words…for your puppy to learn 50% faster.

Should I free feed my puppy?

When is it safe for my puppy to go out?

How do I prevent car sickness?

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