How I can Help!

Elevate your pup’s potential with our exclusive one-on-one consultations and virtual training sessions. As specialists in early puppy development, particularly with Golden and Labrador Retrievers, we bring tailored expertise to your doorstep.

Why settle for generic advice when you can have a personalized roadmap to success? Our private consultations ensure a customized approach that caters to your puppy’s unique needs, making training easier, efficient, and incredibly effective.

Invest in your pup’s future now! Benefit from professional guidance that not only streamlines the training process but also nurtures a strong bond between you and your furry friend. Ready for a seamless journey to a well-behaved, happy companion? Schedule your private consultation or virtual training session today.


Consulation and Lesson Fees

Got a quick question that you want to talk through? Maybe you are choosing your puppy and want some one on one guidance, or want to know what to do bringing your new puppy home to your current pet.  Whatever you need help with, we can address it quick and easy.                                                           15 Minute Phone Consultation $25.

Want to dig a little deeper and ask some specific questions on your training or behaviors your puppy is showing.  Let’s talk a little longer.                                                                     30 Minute Phone Consultation $50

Would you like me to watch you train your puppy to see if you are doing it properly?  I can access your technique and see if your puppy is understanding what you are teaching.    15 Minute Virtual Zoom $45

Would you like to do a little longer and work on a few more things?
                                                                                        30 Minute Virtual Zoom $90