These days it seems anyone can call themselves an expert on a subject or in a field of study. In our super-connected society, information is literally a click, tap, or Google search away. Quick fixes, miracle gadgets, and self-described ‘professionals’ abound, touting the answers and solutions many desperately need. But little relies on firsthand research and experience. What we tend to find are traditional methods and ideas that, while they may be effective, can be confusing and don’t really ‘fit’ into our modern lives.

Kim Paciotti is a certified professional dog trainer; a canine scientist specializing in puppies. Her research within the field of puppy training led Kim to create The Empowered Puppy Program, an exciting approach to training the whole puppy- mentally, physically, and socially. Kim believes that solving the ongoing issue of dog surrenders to shelters and rescues begins with a solid foundation in puppyhood. Kim’s research has proven over and over that training puppies from an early age, and to their individual personalities, stops unwanted behaviors before they begin and builds a strong relationship between dog and owner. It is her desire to change the way people understand and ‘do’ training by teaching them that it’s about working with your lifestyle and your puppy, not against them.  Kim is passionate about changing the world one puppy at a time!

Her unique insight of how puppy’s learn and develop will help you understand the concepts of communicating with your puppy to build a life long relationship Starting from a foundation of trust and love, Kim shows you how to shape your puppy’s temperament, be proactive rather than reactive, and talking to your puppy instead of at them.

You will learn never released proven training tips, that are used daily in the Empowered Puppy Program.  A Puppy’s Perspective addresses, temperament, behaviors, obedience, crate and potty training, socialization, feeding and general care.

Just a few of the 101 Puppy Training Tips that will make GREAT talking points for any radio show!

Learn the easiest way to prevent separation anxiety.
Is using a clicker the best for new puppy owners?
The easiest way to stop puppies from jumping.
How to make sure your puppy comes when called.
How to capture and promote good behavior.
3 ways to help your puppy learn faster!
The #1 reason people fail at potty training!
Don’t rush the walk…or you will teach your puppy to pull on the leash.
Should you teach your puppy hand signals
How to teach calmness and confidence
Potty time or play time?  Does your puppy get confused?
Should my puppy go to obedience classes?
One simple change that makes your puppy respond 50% faster!



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