Most of us have taken a personality test at some time or another. For employment purposes, school, or maybe just because one of those silly ads popped up on our social media- the ins and outs of what makes us tick is an intriguing subject for professional and personal reasons. Which is exactly what made us think: why can’t we do this for puppies and dogs?

After years of researching hundreds of puppies, finding patterns, and clues in each litter, we have compiled what we believe is the most accurate puppy personality testing method available. Rather than generalizing puppies into old school categories like dominant, aggressive, fearful, alpha, etc we are able to decipher individual personality traits like learning style, focus ability, and social type. Together, these give us the full picture of a puppy’s confidence level, what a new puppy parent can expect, and which training methods are best for the puppy.

The Empowered Puppy Personality Assessment gives owners, trainers, and breeders the tools they need to be proactive in training and stopping behavior issues before they have a chance to surface; teaching you to look at things from the puppy’s perspective leading to the lifelong bond and companionship we all envision when bringing a puppy into our home.

We have two kits available, one for new and veteran pup parents/trainers and another for breeders. Start sniffing your way to greater insight into your puppy today!