Over the last 30 years, we’ve come a long way in our understanding of how dogs learn. Research has opened doors for us to provide meaningful and stimulating activities like never before.

The mental workout of a brain game is often much more powerful than physical exercise. Using mental energy in a productive and safe way helps combat a host of issues related to boredom, separation anxiety, reactivity, and more. By teaching our dogs and puppies these mental concepts, we’re actually teaching them to think. And a thinking dog is one who learns to make good choices in other aspects of daily life.

Our Cognition and Fitness Kit gives you all the tools you need to begin teaching these concepts today. You’ll be amazed at what your puppy is capable of as they learn how to match objects and flashcards, imitate your actions, get a ‘puppy yoga’ workout, and more!


When learning and playing these games, your puppy is actually processing information, much the same way a small child does, forming mental pictures and ‘connecting the dots’. Learning these skills will enhance all aspects of your dog’s mental well-being.
With this kit you will learn:
How to teach your dog or puppy to match flashcards, objects, and numbers.
Begin teaching the concept of imitation- copying your actions with and without objects.
The basic movements of puppy yoga and how it can benefit your dog.
Using water conditioning as a physical and mental workout.
And more!

Each kit includes an instructional DVD along with the training tools you will need to teach your puppy. With the Empowered Puppy Cognition and Fitness DVD you will strengthen the bond between yourself and your puppy, discover new ways to communicate, and raise a pup who understands how to make good choices.

Teaching How to Read!