Time is on your side with the Empowered Puppy Personality Assessment. Investing less than 15 minutes a day will save you endless hours and countless phone calls by simplifying the puppy selection process. You will know at as young as 22 days who your confident and calm puppies are, the differences in your active and passive learners, and what home environments they would thrive in. And, as a bonus, for each assessment we provide you with a DVD to assist new puppy owners in basic obedience training and socialization. We know your puppies are your passion and we want to provide you with the tools that make it possible for you to take that passion to the next level. This assessment takes the guesswork and stress out of selling your litters. It allows you to advertise sooner, sell them faster, and helps prevent follow up issues once they are in new homes.

Our exclusive testing kit utilizes the most powerful indicator your puppies have for telling us who they are and how they think: the nose. By testing their reactions to three categories of essential oils- stimulating, environmental, and calming- we gain insight into the unique and individual learning, focus, and socialization capabilities of each puppy.

Your clients will be amazed by the information you are able to provide on each puppy’s personality and how it relates to their home environment. Your commitment to going the extra mile for pup and owner will only help to increase your integral position in the breeding community and put you in the top ranks of breeders who care. And all in less than 15 minutes a day!

Now is the time to take your puppies and kennel to the next level.  You will receive 12 5ml bottles of essential oils, 12 individual tins, and a DVD to show you exactly how to test and read your puppies reactions. We’ve also included an analysis form to record the results for submission on the Empowered Puppy site. Your litter assessment will rate each puppy on a learning, focus, and social scale that will help you match the best puppy to the best home. You will also be able to purchase a Going Home Puppy Kit for your clients.  This kit includes the individual puppy assessment with BONUS tips on just how their puppy learns.  A DVD explaining how to shape the puppies temperament, build the relationship, start on basic obedience, even learning how to teach off leash walking.  All of this from the system voted #1 for 2017 The Empowered Puppy Program!

Order your Empowered Puppy Personality Assessment Kit now and start changing your world one puppy at a time!