Let’s Get Ready

Everyone wants to fit in, they want to be a part of something. For us we want to be a part of educating as many puppy owners as we can. We have learned so much through our research and experiences we want to shout it from the roof tops!

There have times of despair, and times we were not sure our next move, but then something would happen that it would be right there. Thinking of how far we have come the past four years has been amazing. What is more amazing is we are so excited to see where we are going, what will be our place?

What will be yours? Is there something you are passionate about? Something you want to try something you have always wanted to do? Everyone talks about a bucket list. Why does it have to be a list of something “before I die”. Why can’t it be our list for something we want to live for? Everyone has a place, and we encourage you to find yours, we are here to root you on! Go for it!!

Kim & Christina

Teaching place is a great idea, especially if you have a busy family. Your puppy can have their spot at the table for dinner, it just happens to be across the room. We use the “like me” concept and they really seem to understand. Just work with them a little each day. Don’t expect them to wait for long on the place, as it really takes maturity for that to happen. That is something you can’t rush, and you don’t want to anyway. Enjoy the puppyhood, it is over before you know it. It is something to be missed.

Place is such a fun behavior to teach. You can literally make anything, anywhere a ‘place’. Choose a rug, bed, blanket or whatever you’d like to be ‘the place’. Begin by using the methods outlined in your video lesson. Work in one area for a couple days and be sure to practice from ALL sides, not always in the same place or direction. Continue to do this in other rooms and locations until it becomes second nature to you and your puppy. A great way to use this command in your daily routine is by having your puppy go to place and wait when someone comes to the door. Be sure to use your release word (okay, free, play! Etc) when it’s okay for puppy to leave his place. Never use place as a ‘negative’ otherwise all your efforts will have been for naught.