Let’s Get Ready

When problems in hit you in life, how do you handle them? Are you a band-aid person, or are a person that searches for the root of the problem? The band-aid works and often for a long time, but you never really can put the issue behind you if you don’t fix it properly. This goes for many areas of our life. Think of people who hold grudges, or who are self-indulgent? Why can’t they move forward once and for all? Those are the people we tend to say have to much baggage.

Don’t let your dog carry his own baggage. You need to carry it for him, by always searching for the root of why they do certain things. It isn’t hard to do, if you remember what we have learned.

  1. Dogs learn by association
  2. Dogs learn by imitation
  3. Dogs behavior is often determined by their environment

If something isn’t going right in your training, stop and look why. What association is your puppy making? What actions are you doing that they are trying to imitate? And what is going on in their environment?

You owe it to your dog to always look for the root of the problem, if your dog is carrying around “baggage” you just put a band-aid their issue.

Be there for your puppy, they need you.

Kim & Christina

Many times just writing things down, make us more aware, or it helps us remember past experiences we may have forgotten. It is something about the magic of that paper and pen that sometimes makes things stand out better.

Make a list if you are having a harder time teaching your puppy in certain areas. Think of everything that is going on around you. Think of how you are feeling, think of how your puppy may be feeling. Are you tired, or are they? Are you stressed, or are they? If you can video yourself working with your puppy do so. We do this so we can see if we are giving any “wrong” signals to the puppies. It really helps, as you may see certain body language your puppy is picking up on.

Once you find the root of an issue, it is as easily repaired by just eliminating the trigger!

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