Let’s Get Ready

Sometimes in life the simplest things are actually the hardest things. People are vulnerable or choose different paths in life because they are afraid of conflict, to fail or the unknown. It is easier to walk away and come up with a reason why it didn’t work or it won’t work.

There are times where you hear people say “I am my own worst enemy” and then there are times where are enemies are the ones that are often the closest to us. This is not your dog. You are saying well of course it isn’t our dog. But think about it, because sometimes people forget that and take out their daily disappointments and stresses on their most loyal companion.

Look at all the ways people are cruel to their pets. We are not just talking about the horrible people who abuse and hurt animals, or neglect their physical needs. But what about the ones that forget to give their dog instructions, feedback, and even the simplicity of a “good job”. That is cruel too.

Here is a creature willing to literally worship the ground you walk on. Don’t let your fears of not doing it right, or making a mistake, be at the expense of your dog. Don’t sabotage your efforts by complicating things. The old saying is true, keep it simple stupid.

Tell yourself, today is going to be a great day!

Kim & Christina

We are going to keep it simple. The sit, is your go to behavior. We are taking away the fear of you having to teach your dog to behave in all kinds of scenarios. Just think how hard it would be to teach your puppy ahead of time how to act in all the situations they will face in their life. It is totally IMPOSSIABLE! That would mean we would have a crystal ball and would be able to foresee the future.

So the simple answer is to just teach your dog to sit. Everywhere.

  • In the house, outside the house, when you see a car, when the doorbell rings, when the food bowl gets put down, and so on.
  • When they are bad, chewing on your furniture, chasing the cat, barking, digging in your garden, and so on.
  • Teach with your back turned, sitting on the floor, laying in bed, running around the house, and so on.
  • From a distance, up close, behind a wall, in the car, and so on.

Now you don’t have to worry, about how your dog will respond in situations if you make him strong on the simple behavior of sitting.

Okay, let’s sit!

Start asking your puppy to sit on and off throughout the day. When you’re getting it consistently, begin asking for it with your back turned. From across the room. Laying on the couch. While your reading the paper. Or loading the dishwasher.

Bring in a partner to help. Don’t treat for every sit, but intermittently, for more difficult requests (amid distractions or from another room). Vary your tone of voice: use a whisper!

Remember the more you practice, the stronger it gets, so when you NEED it, THE SIT HAPPENS!