Let’s Get Ready

Sometimes in life we just need to mix it up in order to get out of our daily rut.   Everything becomes predictable, everything becomes boring. We tend to make the same things for dinner, watch the same things on tv, do the same things on weekends.

What if we mixed it up, what if we took ourselves from our comfort zone, by trying something new? Would it add a little vigor to your step, give you a different perspective on your daily routine? Would it make you sharper on the job? A better problem solver? It could, and it would. Make a simple change today to shake up your day a bit. Bet it will make you smile!

Shake it up!

Kim & Christina

We need to show our dog that we are not predictable (even though we are!) Remember they know it before we do it, the little stinkers are so darn smart. They will know that you have three treats in your pocket and you only gave them two. They will know when its time to eat, or someone comes from work or school. They have an amazing biological clock that associates every little detail down to even what you are wearing.

So mixing up being random with what you ask, their sitting, laying or standing is very important. Standing is still something that they do all the time, but so many have a hard time teaching it. They just don’t think it is a “command” as it is a natural behavior for a dog. Well so is sitting and laying. We just want to avoid the dog that anticipates your next command or sequence. We tend to say sitting, then laying, well maybe say it backwards, ask for laying then sitting! This is super hard for puppies to do. Mix it up for them, keep them guessing, as it keeps their focus up too!

Drop and give me 20!

No, not really, but you are going to work on some push ups today! You’re going to start by asking for a sit and then a down(laying) a couple times- a.k.a. ‘puppy push ups’! The next time you have a minute, ask for the laying first and then mix it up by asking for a stand.

Make it even more random by starting with a stand and then go to sit. And so on….You may find some of these transitions are more difficult than others, but that’s to be expected. Not only are you building your puppy’s mind, you’re also building their muscle strength and memory. The speed and flexibility will come as your puppy becomes more aware of his body and how to make it ‘work’.