Let’s Get Ready

Trust is earned not granted. We live in a very different world, that is everchanging. What used to be when we grew up is very different than what it is now.

As kids we used to play outside, not attached to video games. We would ride our bikes to our friends, not call Uber to take us. We all sat down at the dinner table for a family meal. Christina and I are proud to say that our families still sit down for a family meal. Christina with her family daily, and my kids and granddaughter visit every Sunday for dinner. It is something you can count on, something you can trust.

It started at both of us at a very early age. We learned that our families play a huge way we view the world.

You play a huge part on how your puppy views the world. You have to earn their trust. They are often afraid and unsure, and while you must let them learn for themselves you must be their advocate.

Trust builds loyalty. The saying goes, “Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.”

Kim & Christina

Here we are at waiting again! Hopefully by this point you are doing great with your duration, and movement. Now is time to add the distance and even going out of their sight.

Don’t go to fast or your puppy will break the wait. That is what happened in this video! We had a puppy waiting while I went out the door. She did great, until I asked her to do it again. Totally my fault, I shouldn’t have been greedy!

Don’t forget your baby steps for this one. Refresh your puppy’s memory by going back to the beginning and working your duration and movement before trying to go out of sight.

Make sure your puppy is facing the direction you are moving away to, otherwise they will be sure to break. Keep it short and sweet. Set your puppy up for success and end on a positive note. You have to practice waiting consistently and within the realm of your daily routines for it to become strong.