Four the past four and a half years our team has specialized in Early Puppy Development.  We have studied litter after litter, and puppy after puppy, to determine the best possible way to teach them.  Rushing into group classes where the puppy may be intimidated, afraid, or even to rambunctious just doesn’t accomplish anything.  Remember dogs learn by association, so what they may be learning in a class is actually all the wrong things!  Their is clicker training which is great for teaching certain behaviors, but the truth of the matter is people don’t want to do it.  They don’t want to carry a clicker around, but most importantly they really are not trained to “click” at the right time!  Often new owners mark a behavior that they don’t want to enforce.

Think of how easy it is to simply “talk to the dog”!  That is why our system works.  We talk to the puppies as if they are a young child.  We are instructional, and we give them feedback so they know if they are doing it correctly, or just need some more work.  Humans are inconsistent, yet all other training forms only work if you are “consistent!”  Isn’t that setting us as dog owners up for failure?  We think so.

Our system teaches you how your dog learns, what they think, what you should do, and how by simple temperament activities you can actually prevent bad behaviors from ever even starting!  Now aren’t you ready to get started??