Are you a breeder or trainer looking to take your business to the next level?

Imagine producing the most well-rounded, confident, and trainable puppies that clients rave about.

I’m Kim Paciotti, a puppy specialist with over 15 years of experience in studying and training puppies. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with over 500 puppies, starting from 10 days old to 16 weeks. Bringing moms and their litters to my facility, I’ve meticulously observed, recorded data, and refined my methods with each new group. By integrating insights from Puppy Culture and Avidog training, I discovered we can teach puppies far more than previously thought, as demonstrated in the video above.

The secret to success lies in understanding how puppies perceive the world. They respond to the tone of your voice, learn from scents, and thrive when we interact with them at their level rather than towering over them. Puppies learn best when they feel they have choices, and shaping their temperament through positive instruction and capturing natural behaviors is crucial. I don’t use luring methods or clickers; instead, I employ a marker word, “yes,” to communicate effectively. Teaching in a specific, logical order ensures puppies grasp what is expected of them. Did you know that speaking to puppies with two-syllable words can help them learn 50% faster? This is because your voice naturally changes tone, making instructions clearer, from the puppies perspective.

Why Choose Our Program?

Grounded in Research:

With over 15 years of experience in puppy training, I’ve distilled the latest research into a comprehensive program that shows you exactly how puppies learn, what you can teach them, and when to start each training phase. My program combines foundational Puppy Culture techniques with groundbreaking methods I’ve discovered through years of hands-on experience.

You’ll learn everything from Bio Sensor and Early Scent Introduction—where a puppy’s scent preferences can reveal their personality—to innovative practices like water play, massage, and even puppy yoga. At just 4 weeks old, our puppies begin learning by watching television, and by 7 weeks, they’re recognizing flashcards!

Step by Step Guidance:

Transform your approach to puppy training with my comprehensive online program. From controlled socialization and basic cues to advanced problem-solving skills, I’ll walk you through the exact methods I’ve perfected with our puppies and litters. This program is a unique blend of time-tested research and our latest, cutting-edge training techniques.

You’ll get everything you need to confidently guide your clients’ puppies to success. Our system is so effective and easy to implement that you’ll find it effortless to teach your clients. Simply follow the instructions and reward positive behavior—no need for constant “No’s” that leave puppies confused about what they should be doing. Instead, you’ll be empowering puppies with clear, positive guidance, setting them up for a lifetime of good behavior.

Customizable for Your Needs:

Whether you prefer to start training at 6-8 weeks or need to adjust the timeline to fit your unique circumstances, my online training course offers complete customization. This flexibility allows you to tailor the training schedule to your specific needs, ensuring your puppies receive the best possible learning experience. Breeders can focus on enhancing and shaping the temperament of their puppies, while trainers can carve out a niche in comprehensive puppy training.

Group puppy classes often fall short in truly benefiting each puppy. My course provides the tools and techniques to create a standout training business that surpasses the competition. Elevate your approach, impress your clients, and watch your business thrive with our specialized training program. Join us today and start transforming your puppies’ potential into exceptional behavior and temperament!

Enhance Your Reputation:

By implementing a proven, research-based training program, you’ll enhance your reputation as a top-tier breeder or trainer. Happy, well-trained puppies mean satisfied clients and a stellar track record of success.

What You’ll Gain

Confidence: Know exactly what to teach and when, ensuring each puppy reaches its full potential.

Expertise: Leverage my 15 years of experience and research to stay ahead of the curve in puppy development.

Efficiency: Save time with a structured, easy-to-follow program that takes the guesswork out of training.

Satisfaction: Delight your clients with well-behaved, socially adjusted puppies ready to become cherished family members.

Invest in your puppies’ future and your professional success. Join my online program today and take the first step toward raising the best puppies possible. With the right knowledge and tools, you’ll transform each puppy’s potential into a reality, setting them—and yourself—on the path to success.