Puppy School – LifeStyle Training


Remember to add your Coupon Code!  If your budget will only let you do the $20 cost enter PAY20.  If you are able to help our research and pay $40 use code PAY40.  If you are able to offer a bit of extra support, do not enter a code.  We appreciate everyone!  Those taking the course, and those who are able to help further our research, to bring this course to everyone we can!

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Simply add to your cart, create an account, and it will take you to the payment information.  We want everyone to be able to take this course!  This is why we have created it so you can pay what you can.

There are 14 lessons, each consisting of a “Let’s Get Ready” which will prepare you for the lesson.  Next will be a written portion of what we will be discussing in the lesson,  and a video of the lesson as well.

We move forward with the Sound of the Day, and then provide you with LifeStyle Practice.  As of now all lessons are running continuously by hitting the next button.

Please do not get ahead of yourself and PLEASE do the lessons in order.  This is very important in order for your puppy to fully understand what you are teaching them.

We have just started a facebook discussion group at www.facebook.com/groups/empoweredpuppyschool we encourage you to join!  We will monitor the group and answer any questions you may have.  Please share pictures of your puppies!