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Empowered Puppy School

Whether it is your first puppy or you’re a veteran, getting a new puppy can be a overwhelming experience.  It’s a fresh start and you want to teach your puppy correctly from the very beginning.  Some puppy owners will jump right in to training mode by taking their puppy to a group class at a local big box store. Others will begin training the puppy with coaching from well meaning family and friends.  Is this what is best for the puppy?

Here Are A Few Facts
  • A puppy will never learn more or as quickly in its life than between 0-16 weeks of age.
  • Puppies learn 24/7 regardless if it is good or bad.
  • The highest fear time in any puppies life is between 8-11 weeks old.
  • Temperament training is key to stopping unwanted behaviors
  • Puppies learn 50% faster if the commands are in plural form.
  • Puppies are either calm or confident.
  • The puppy’s nose is the most powerful sense they have.
  • By acknowledging a bad behavior, you actually reinforce it.
  • Puppies do not generalize well.  They must be taught the same command in various locations.
  • Teaching dogs new commands in stressful situations, where they do not comply, teaches them they do not need to respond.
LifeStyle Training Is The Answer

We often have wondered why puppy classes and private training sessions are upwards of an hour long. In todays fast paced society it is hard for a person to focus for that long, let alone a little puppy! Our research has uncovered many keys to early puppy development along with ways to actually prevent unwanted behaviors from ever happening. Best of all, it can literally be done in your own home, by you, and you can even do it in your pajamas! In fact we encourage you to (we will get to more on why later! )

Lifestyle training lets you train your puppy on your schedule, on your time, in your home or a place of your choice. No more rushing to classes, sitting in traffic, worrying about the other dogs in the class, or even what to wear! Science has shown us that 2-3 or even sometimes 1 minute sessions with the puppy is a far better learning experience than a hour of learning. Your puppy will learn quicker, have more fun, retain more, and it will be more enjoyable for you. Lets face it dog training is boring. There, we said it, and we’re dog trainers!

Often times things that usually sound to good to be true are just that. You will be happy to know this is not one of those times. We are going to teach you how to communicate with your dog. Its very simple, as all you have to do is talk to your dog! We don’t use clickers, we don’t use aversive collars, shaker cans, and we even teach off leash obedience first. There are times we don’t even use food rewards, a simple “good job” with lots of love goes much further. So if you are ready to learn more scroll back to the top and click on the Course tab. Find the course “New Puppy School” and we will share with you how you can have the best relationship ever with your puppy. Want to know how we did it and a little about our ongoing research projects, just click on the Science tab.

By the way, we forgot to tell you….you also can pay what you want for the course, you choose what you can afford! So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

“Hi Kim,

I hope you are doing well!! Tonight Bailey received her CGC award. Her success tonight at barely the age of 1 is simply just another testimony to what you do day in and day out with your dogs. It is truly remarkable the influence and impact you make in their temperament, personalities, and behavior. Without your long hours of training, continuous love shown to each of them and your amazing Empowered Puppy Program tonight’s award would have been extremely difficult to achieve. The trainers have been amazed at Bailey’s ability and eagerness to learn and you and your program deserve all of the credit. I can’t think you enough for such an amazing dog. You ROCK Kim!!!

One of the trainers even said that Bailey must have a magnet in her butt due to her sitting consistently every time the handler stops walking. haha”

Mandy T.
Special Education Teacher


Sydney is growing so fast I can’t believe it!  She is so smart!!  You and your program do an amazing job.  Keep it up!

Phyllis M.
Director of Schools
Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs

“We started asking Alvin to sit and wait while we scooped his food bowl on the first day he was with us.  Now he will pretty much go lay down next to his food bowls any time he know a meal is coming instead of dancing around.  He learned this impressively fast!”  ~ Suni W.

Just wanted to let you know that Reggie continues to do amazing.  He is 85 lbs of pure joy.  He swims almost everyday (when the weather is nice) in either the pool or the pond.  He is unbelievably attentive and intelligent.  He leaves things that he should have on command, does not chew up anything not given to him.  Everyone he comes in contact with is amazed by his disposition.  ~ Jason B.